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Our Solutions

1.  Solar Solutions :

  • A Roof top Solar system is your personal power station that is designed to power all types of appliances and machinery. It is mounted on the roof top of your premises where the electricity is required.
  • We offer Roof top solar power plants ( On-Grid) for large profitable manufacturing industries, Corporates etc  on Capex as well as Opex model thru our investors.
  • Roof Top Solar power (On-Grid) plants for residences / Societies/ Schools / Universities etc.
  • We are also  the suppliers of the following Solar Products :
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Power Aggregators with and w/o IOT for smart city solutions.
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Solar Home Lighting Systems
  • Solar Street Light.
  • Solar water heaters


      Power Aggregators with and w/o IOT

2.  Document Management Solutions :

  • We offer end to end Document Management Solutions which  comprises of the following : 

    a.   Document Management Software

  • Document Management Software for the ease of storage and retrieval of documents in seconds.
  • Ease of Access to information from the Central Repository.
  • Remote  access to the documents on network and internet.
  • Enables parallel access by multiple users.
  • User specific rights management.
  • Access of one document to many viewer at single point of time.
  • Reduction of storage cost.
  • Long term Archival. 
  • Prevention of loss of Information.

   b.   Scanning and Digitization solutions

  • We offer scanning services for any type old and rare physical record in the forms of Paper in varying sizes like A4, A0, etc. (Old Engineering drawings, rare or historical documents, etc), Books, Manuals, Electronic documents, Manuscripts, Photographs, Films etc.​
  • Scanning of precious documents through a face up or contact-less scanner.
  • Metadata / Indexing of the documents based on the retrieval parameters.
  • Books scanning using specialized  overhead scanners.
  • We take special care for handling  old and frazile documents
  • We use various types of scanners for scanning a large variety of documents- ADF scanner, Flat bed scanners, Overhead scanners, Drawing scanners etc
  • The various processes are being followed for Pre Scanning, Scanning, Post scanning like Quality  checks etc
 3Sale of various Document Scanners and Overhead Scanners.  
  • We are the Sales partners for the sale of  Zeutschel Products and Fujitsu scanners. Various types of scanners are available like
    • Overhead Scanners - Make Zeutschel - A German company.  Sizes range from A3 to A0 size.  Zeutschel is the world leader in manufacturing  Overhead scanners.
    • We also provide Zeutschel Microfilm Scanners, Archive writer and other accessories.
    • ADF A4 Scanners having various speed
    • ADF A3  Scanners having various speed.  

                 Overhead Scanner

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              Microfilm Archive Writer

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            Microfilm Scanner Delta Micro HD

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4Cyber Security Solutions.

  • We offer complete solution for Cyber Security. 
    • All in one Network Security Software bundle.
    • Threat Intelligence, Detection, Monitoring and Mitigation in real time 
    • Monitor network in real-time to diagnose issues, detect anomalies and maintain security with ultra high performance Flowprob.
    • Next generation for intrusion detection for OT threats.
    • Cyber tools for National ISPs and large Entreprises
    • Highly scalable architecture provides unmatched performance.
    • Detecting OT & SCADA Threats at 100G using CERNE IDS.
    • Network Intrusion Prevention System - NIPS
    • DDoS Protection Solution
    • SIEM Log Collector through Probe Solution
    • Situational Awareness and Analytics
    • Threat Intelligence Feed 
    • Continuous Security Monitoring through Telesoft Flow Probe (SR Interfaces) can be negotiated.

Our OEM for Cyber Security Solutions is a UK based company - Telesoft Technologies Ltd which is pioneer in this field. They have many installations in Government Departments, Large Enterprises and National ISPs. For more details you may visit :

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